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Kinesiology & Movement Therapy

Registered kinesiology services

Guiding your movement journey

Kinesiology is the study of human movement and focuses on using exercise and movement to help individuals promote and optimize their health and well-being. Through movement and exercise, they manage, treat and rehabilitate:

  • Various acute and persistent injuries
  • Illnesses
  • Workplace injuries
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • And more

Kinesiologists are trained to treat clients of any age and all physical abilities.

At Bump Physio & Co, we offer personalized fitness, kinesiology, and exercise rehabilitation services.  All of our kinesiologists are registered with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. Our team combines strength, conditioning, clinical Pilates, and core exercises to help you move your body the way you want and in the way that feels best to you!

The team at Bump uses exercise and movement to get you back to doing the things you love every day. We can help you:

  • Build up your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning to help you prepare for labour and delivery
  • Resolve common pelvic floor symptoms such as leaking with coughing/ sneezing, pain with intercourse, pelvic floor heaviness, and pressure
  • Achieve your individual exercise and movement goals whether that be training for a marathon, returning to Crossfit or carry your groceries (or toddler) pain-free and with ease

We are here to support YOU!

  • For persistent injuries, working with a kinesiologist is a great way to incorporate movement and exercise into your rehabilitation plan. Through a functional movement screen and targeted exercises, they can tailor a rehab plan that helps you achieve your goals.

    We also work with ICBC patients recovering from motor vehicle collisions who can greatly benefit from kinesiology and active rehabilitation services.

  • It goes without saying that your body changes after birth.  Not to worry, we are here to help you recover! Common postpartum concerns that can benefit from our specialized exercise rehabilitation and kinesiology services include:

    • Incontinence (bladder, bowel, or gas),
    • Pelvic organ prolapse (feelings of heaviness/ pressure or a bulge)
    • Painful intercourse
    • Tailbone pain
    • Diastasis recti
    • C-section rehabilitation
    • Pelvic girdle pain
    • Postpartum low back pain
    • Upper back/ neck and chest pain from feeding
    • Generalized strengthening and conditioning
  • Diastasis recti is a common pregnancy-related change in the muscles and connective tissue of the abdominal wall, where the abdominal muscles are stretched leaving a gap in between.

    100% of pregnant people will have some degree of stretching by the end of their pregnancy. Through movement, breathwork, core stabilization and core strengthening, our kinesiologists can help retrain your core postpartum.

  • Working with a kinesiologist can help train or retrain your pelvic floor muscles at any stage of life. This can help those struggling with incontinence, (peri)menopause, pelvic pain, constipation, bowel dysfunction among other pelvic health conditions.

  • At Bump, we like to take and active approach to pregnancy and prenatal care. Research supports generalized strength and conditioning as well as targeted pelvic floor muscle training in pregnancy can prevent many postpartum complications and pelvic floor conditions. We like to think of it as pre-hab for birth! Working with our team of registered physiotherapists and kinesiologists in pregnancy can help keep you moving and feeling your best throughout your pregnancy and help prepare your body for birth and the postpartum period.

  • Kinesiologists are masters of movement. They can help you build up your strength, endurance, and your cardiovascular conditioning through movement and exercise, to effectively manage, treat and rehabilitate various acute and persistent injuries, illnesses, workplace injuries, and motor vehicle collisions. Kinesiologists are trained to treat clients of any age and all physical abilities.

  • Kinesiologist are an important part of the active rehabilitation process after a motor vehicle collision. Through movement, exercise and education they are here to support you in your recovery.

Private sessions

  • Pilates techniques focus on breath, core strengthening, balance, and flexibility. Using breath and movement-based exercises, we aim to help you gain a new awareness of your self, as well as build strength, coordination, control, and most importantly, improve your quality of movement. These 1-1 sessions are led by a registered kinesiologist or pilates instructor.

  • Interested in doing pilates with a friend? These 2-1 sessions are a great option for you to workout with your partner, bestie or get to know another client of the clinic at a lower cost than our 1-1 Kin led Pilates offerings.

  • Our personal training services are available to help you reach your fitness goals. These sessions are designed to push you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you. If you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, our exercise rehabilitation services are for you.

  • Are you looking for a low cost option to see one of our Kinesiologists? We’ve created open drop in gym times for you to be able to touch base with our kinesiologists, review your exercise plan, have them provide feedback on your form, body mechanics and generally provide support for your movement program. Please note, dop in times are not 1-1. Other clients may be working with the kinesiologist alongside you.


Initial Assessment (55 min) $120
Follow-up Session (40 min) $95
Kin led 1-1 Pilates Sessions (55 min) $95*
Kin led 1-1 Pilates Sessions (30 min) $60*
Kin led 2-1 Pilates Sessions (55 min) $50 pp*
Kin led 2-1 Pilates Sessions (30 min) $35 pp*
Kin led Personal Training Sessions (55 min) $95*
Kin led Personal Training Sessions (30 min) $60*
Drop in gym time $25/visit

*5% discount if you purchase a package of 5 sessions
*10% discount if you purchase a package of 10 or more sessions

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