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We are always seeking pelvic health physiotherapists, kinesiologists, registered massage therapists, and clinical pilates physiotherapists to join our team.

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Do you value honesty, integrity, curiosity, connection and empowerment? Do you have a passion for helping others and have a personal connection to your work? Do you value work-life balance, personal and professional growth, and development? If you can say “YES” to all the above questions, we would love to hear from you!

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Our values

  • First and foremost, we trust. We wholeheartedly believe in the reliability, ability, truth or strength of someone or something. We trust in each other first, to foster and support collaboration and connection amongst our peers and our clients.

  • We always act with integrity. We act in an ethical way and according to ethical principles. We tell the truth, we show compassion, we are open and honest, we are dependable and follow through on commitments to one another, we are vulnerable, we hold ourselves accountable and we admit when we are wrong.

  • Connection is at the heart of who we are, how we practice and how we show up for each other and our clients; it’s the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment, and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship (Brown, B, 2013). Our personal experiences connect us and form the foundation of a successful therapeutic alliance.

  • We choose to be curious every day. Curiosity is correlated with problem solving, improved learning and memory, creativity, growth and intelligence. When we are curious, we ask questions, we admit we don’t know, and we make discoveries that lead to growth, learning and in some cases discomfort. Choosing to be curious, is being vulnerable and surrendering to uncertainty.

  • Empowerment is a multidimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives. Strength, confidence, control & freedom are all possible outcomes of empowerment. As rehabilitation professionals, we empower through communication, knowledge translation, the promotion of self-care, ethical and sound decision-making through a supportive and encouraging lens.

Why Bump Physio?

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    Community & culture

    We work together to support one another, and we celebrate our wins and failures as a team. More importantly, we respect and value community, hiring local talent, and open communication in the clinic.

    bump physio co career icon competitive compensation

    Competitive compensation

    Whether commission-based as a practitioner or salary-based as a valued part of the admin team, our compensation packages are competitive. We also offer wellness and benefit programs after 6 months of employment.

    bump physio co career icon mentorship support

    Mentorship & support

    With our experienced team of physiotherapists, mentorship comes naturally to our group. Also, Bump Family Fridays! We call them BFFs but once a month, we gather and learn together.

    bump physio co career icon wellness perks

    Wellness perks

    All team members have access to medical and wellness funds through our in-house, I Matter program. These annual funds can be used towards gym memberships, seeing an RMT or a counselor, or getting your hair done!

    bump physio co career icon growth potential

    Growth potential

    Our goal is to create a pathway to success so that each of our employees can thrive in a career, not just a job. See our internal structure pathways in the diagram below to see how this works for admin and clinicians.

    bump physio and co career icon education funds

    Education funds

    Through our I Matter program, team members are also able to leverage funding to put towards education initiatives of their choosing. These can be skill based, personal development, whatever floats your boat (or bump)!

Pathways to growth

Whether you're part of our admin team or a clinician, we have created a clear pathway to career success to support your development. As our clinical community flourishes, we are always adding more opportunities for you to grow WITH us!

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In-house mentorship includes

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    1-1 Mentoring hours

    Includes shadowing with a clinical mentor

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    Monthly, pre-scheduled sessions

    On clinically relevant pelvic health topics

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    Chart/Case review

    Do you have a complex client? Are you struggling to progress a client? Are your clients' symptoms not improving? We will review any challenging clinical cases and provide advice and guidance to help.

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    BFF's monthly clinical in-services

    Our BFF's are our in-house Bump Family Friday gatherings once a month where our team gets together on Zoom and expands our knowledge base, community connections or some months we get together and have some fun!

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    Hands on skills practice

    Twice a year our team gathers on a Sunday morning to help you grow as a clinician.

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    Slack Channel

    Our in house Slack channel is an incredible resource for sharing information, asking clinical questions, working collaboratively on complex cases, celebrating one another and connecting all of us.

    bump physio and co career icon community culture

    Clinical resource library

    Online clinical resource library that is updated monthly to reflect the most recent evidence based practices.

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From our team

Bump love

  • All clinicians know that considering a clinic change is daunting. From caseload stability, to financial implications, to finding the right clinic culture and team – it’s a challenge to decide if and when to make a change. The chaos of 2020 opened my eyes to knowing that I needed a change but I knew I wasn’t open to just ANY change. I quietly began keeping my eyes and ears open, and in a roundabout way, Lacey and the team at Bump came across my path. After speaking to Lacey I knew Bump was the change I wanted and after meeting the rest of the Bump team I knew it was the change I needed! Having worked in a variety of clinical settings, I knew enough to know that the Bump team was different. The clinical culture is that of inclusion, kindness, and compassion, both within the team and for the clients they support. The depth of knowledge in the clinical team is impressive. Through in house mentorship, in-services, and monthly education sessions, support for continued living is fostered. Clinicians are supported in growing their clinical independence while having the support of a team should questions or concerns arise. For all of these reasons, I knew Bump is where I was meant to be. I know I am an even stronger, more knowledgeable, and empathetic clinician today because of the Bump family!


  • I absolutely LOVE working with such an incredible team of women who lift each other up daily. I feel comfortable to be 100% myself and feel supported both professionally and personally. I also felt it was the perfect place to grow as a pelvic physio due to the mentorship available – you are never on your own at Bump!


  • Joining the team at Bump was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Lacey and the entire team are so incredibly supportive, welcoming, and FUN! The care and support they give to each client is exemplary; they genuinely care about each step of their client’s healthcare journey and are there to celebrate the victories, as well as share in the struggles. The entire team is focused not only on professional growth, but personal growth as well, and each team member shows up every day, with curiosity and vulnerability, and are ready to empower not just their clients, and coworkers alike. I am so lucky to work alongside these amazing ladies!


  • One of my favourite parts about working at Bump is our team. Bump has provided such a wonderful and unique opportunity to work with some of the most incredible, intelligent, and fun group of women. The way each of these women show up for each other, support one another, and encourage growth is what makes Bump special. Our clients make coming to work feel meaningful and important. We are so lucky to have some of the most amazing clients who aren’t afraid to show appreciation and gratitude for even the smallest things.