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Clinical pilates is a tool in our clinical toolbox that helps train the brain body connection through movement. Pilates techniques focus on breath, core strengthening, balance, and flexibility. There are so many benefits of clinical pilates including an improved mind/body connection, increased strength, flexibility, and movement control, a reduced chance of injury, pain management, improved stability, and mobility. Using breath and movement-based exercises, we aim to help you gain a new awareness of yourself, as well as build strength, coordination, control, and most importantly, improve your quality of movement.

We incorporate specialized equipment such as Merrithew Reformers, towers for standing exercises, a pilates chair, and various mat exercises to release, retrain, strengthen, improve coordination and control to free your movement potential.

The Bump team uses pilates principles, hands-on techniques and corrective exercises to help you move through your pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and C-section recovery or to improve postural alignment, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, SI joint pain, pelvic health concerns, and to treat acute and persistent musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. We take an individualized and client-centered approach to care that focuses on helping YOU achieve your personal health goals.

  • Clinical pilates is an incredible tool in our therapists’ toolboxes to help with postural awareness, control and stability. A strong, stable foundation is so important for functional mobility and injury prevention. Clinical pilates utilizes specific exercises and equipment such as our Wunda chair and reformers to ensure that we are isolating and targeting specific muscle groups. through movement and exercise.

  • Clinical pilates is an effective approach to treating low back pain. Through a combination of movement, breathwork and core and trunk stabilization exercises, the team at Bump can help decrease your back pain and strengthen your core and back so that it doesn’t return!

  • Pelvic girdle pain affects the ring of bones in your pelvis. Common symptoms are pain in the low back, hips, and groin area and can be experienced with walking, climbing stairs, and rolling over in bed. Pubic symphysis dysfunction is one type of pelvic girdle pain that we also treat, which is a common symptom of pregnancy and typically results from excessive movement of the pubic symphysis (fibrocartilage disc) at the front of the pelvis either in an up or down or side to side manor. Clinical pilates is one way that the team at Bump can help manage your pelvic girdle pain.

  • Core strengthening and stabilization is one of the hallmark principles of clinical pilates. Many pilates movements and exercises are focused on increasing core strength and stability and are designed to ensure you have a strong stable foundation for movement, alignment and function.

  • Postpartum recovery takes time. Carrying and birthing a baby changes the way your body moves, feels and functions. Clinical pilates can be an effective add on treatment to pelvic floor physiotherapy or massage therapy. Through a targeted approach to core, pelvic and postural strengthening our physiotherapists can use specific pilates principles and exercises to help you move and feel like yourself again after a baby.

  • Diastasis recti is a common pregnancy-related change in the muscles and connective tissue of the abdominal wall, where the abdominal muscles are stretched leaving a gap in between. 100% of pregnant people will have some degree of stretching by the end of their pregnancy. Through movement, breathwork, core stabilization and core strengthening, clinical pilates can help retrain your core postpartum.

  • Did you know that approximately 50% of individuals who have had a C-section have some degree of pelvic floor dysfunction postpartum? A C-section is a major abdominal surgery and can affect the muscles of the core, pelvic floor and low back. By incorporating clinical pilates into your post C-section recovery, the team at Bump is able to identify and isolate any postpartum concerns you might have and through movement and specific exercises we can help you recover quickly and effectively.

  • Did you know that clinical pilates can be one way to help you recover from a recent motor vehicle collision? Ask your physiotherapist or RMT if it’s appropriate for you.

Clinical Pilates

Initial Assessment (55 min) $170
40 min $132
25 min $100

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