registered clinical counselling
registered clinical counselling

Registered Clinical Counselling

Registered Clinical Counselling

Clinical counselling that empowers change

Registered clinical counselling (RCC) is a specialized method of therapy provided by trained mental health professionals. These confidential and non-judgmental sessions aim to support individuals in improving their mental and emotional health, strengthening coping skills, nurturing personal growth and overall life satisfaction.

Our registered clinical counsellor at Bump is here to help you navigate the many challenges of parenthood (and life in general!).  While we expect and anticipate the moments of joy that come with being a parent, there are many aspects of parenthood that catch us by surprise. 

Please know you are not alone if: 

  • Your parenthood journey feels more overwhelming than joyful; 
  • You feel numb, panicked, or guilty when thinking of your birth experience
  • Your relationship is struggling with the complexities of parenthood
  • You feel like you’ve lost a sense of what makes you, you.

The good news is that these feelings are common and there is help.

Clinical counselling is an effective tool that helps you gain insight into your emotions while empowering you with practical skills to help you cope.

Gentle, explorative conversation is the foundation to your clinical counselling sessions.  With your counsellor’s guidance these sessions will allow you to gain insight into your triggers and provide space to help you process emotions, past trauma and relationship dynamics.  Your counsellor will equip you with personalized strategies that you can implement in your daily life.

Booking your registered clinical counselling session is the first step to a brighter tomorrow.  We’re here to support your mental wellness no matter where you are in your journey.

  • Around 1 in 7 women will develop a postpartum mood disorder in the first 18 months after giving birth (Mughal et al, 2022).  Postpartum mood disorders can cast a shadow over the joys of parenthood, causing persistent worries, intrusive thoughts and overwhelming feelings of fear, inadequacy or depression.

    Our supportive counselling services offer practical strategies, coping skills and personalized guidance to help you navigate your feelings and emotions.  You deserve to fully enjoy this life transition and be the most present parent you can be for yourself and your family.

  • Clinical counselling aims to help individuals work through the stages of grief including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  A mental health specialist will offer tools and strategies to manage the overwhelming emotions that accompany grief, honour memories and, perhaps, find meaning in the grieving process.

    Our clinical counsellor will allow you to navigate your grief journey at your own pace, while providing validation, support, and a sense of hope for the future. 

  • Navigating relationships as a new parent can be… complex.  According to Gotman et. al (2002), 70% of couples report a significant decrease in marital satisfaction each time a new baby is welcomed into the family.  

    From adjusting to changes in your partnership to establishing healthy boundaries with family members, registered clinical counselling sessions help couples navigate relationship dynamics, foster open communication, and strengthen emotional connections.

  • Up to 1 in 3 birthers report feelings of trauma associated with their birth experiences.  If untreated, birth trauma can leave lasting emotional imprints, impacting your confidence and trust.  Whether you’ve experienced a challenging birth, medical complications or unexpected outcomes, we want you to know that your feelings are valid.  Birth trauma exists on a spectrum.  

    If you feel like any part of your birth was traumatic, then you are experiencing birth trauma.  Every birth story deserves space to be heard.

    Registered clinical counselling sessions provide a safe space for you to process your birth experience, heal any emotional wounds and, in the process, regain a sense of empowerment and control.

  • Have you ever found yourself wondering if you’re making the right decisions for your child?  Or maybe you feel like more insight into your child’s behaviour would enable you to respond to them in a more effective way.  Working collaboratively with a counsellor can help parents build confidence and create a nurturing environment that promotes their child’s emotional well-being and development.

    As a parent herself, our clinical counsellor understands the difficulties parents face.  She will help you navigate those unique challenges with compassion and professional expertise. Settle into a supportive and non-judgmental space where you can gain deeper insight into your child’s behaviours, develop practical parenting strategies and work towards strengthening your bond with your child.

  • Participating in talk therapy with a registered clinical counsellor has shown to be an effective method in both managing and overcoming anxiety and/or depression (Mayo Clinic, 2018).  Working with a mental health specialist, such as a registered clinical counsellor, can help you identify and challenge negative thought patterns, manage the physical symptoms associated with depression and anxiety and develop coping techniques.

    Our clinical counsellor aims to empower you to reclaim control over your life and thrive with a greater sense of calm and confidence.

  • Does the burden of saying ‘yes’ come at a cost to your own personal well-being?  Overcome people-pleasing tendencies and navigate how to create (and maintain) healthy boundaries in your life.

    Registered clinical counselling sessions provide a safe and empathetic space to explore personal boundaries, understand the root causes of people-pleasing behaviour and develop healthier ways of engaging with others.

  • Attachment issues affect your ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.  Attachment issues might present as needing constant reassurance that your loved ones care about you or a deep-seated fear that the people in your life will abandon you.

    You can develop greater satisfaction in your interpersonal connections through collaborative and personalized therapy.

  • Working with an experienced counsellor can be a pivotal step towards healing from past-trauma, restoring personal well-being and reclaiming a sense of hope and empowerment.

    Our clinical counsellor uses the utmost sensitivity when helping clients address trauma-related symptoms (such as anxiety, depression, flashbacks and hypervigilance).  During your registered clinical counselling sessions, you will learn tools and techniques to regulate emotions, manage triggers and grow resilience to help you reclaim your sense of safety and control over your life.

  • Working with a registered clinical counsellor can be instrumental in addressing and overcoming addictions.  These professionals understand that there are psychological, emotional and behavioural layers to addiction.  Our registered clinical counsellor creates a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can explore the root causes of your addiction, develop coping strategies and work towards lasting recovery.  

    With the support and guidance of our clinical counsellor, you can find hope, healing and a path forward.

  • Are you a ‘giver’ who has become emotionally dependent on a ‘taker?’ Break free from codependency and create more balanced and satisfying relationships in your life.  Through collaborative and personalized therapy, you will learn to prioritize your own needs, set boundaries and build reciprocal connections based on mutual respect and support.

  • When life feels especially heavy, rely on the expertise of mental health professionals to lift you up and work towards creating a brighter future.  Working with a clinical counsellor can be a life-changing step for those who struggle with self-harm and suicidal ideations. Our clinical counsellor provides a safe and compassionate place to explore the underlying emotions and triggers, develop coping strategies and work towards healing and recovery.

    If you are located in British Columbia and are currently experiencing suicidal ideations, immediate help is available.  Do not hesitate, please call 9-8-8.

  • As per ICBC, twelve (12) counselling sessions are pre-authorized for ICBC customers within the first 12 weeks from the date of their crash.

Registered Clinical Counselling (Virtual)

Individual Initial Session (50 min) $155
Individual Follow Up Session (50 min) $145
Couples/Family Initial Session (50 min) $185
Couples/Family Follow Up Session (50 min) $175
Free Counselling Consultation (15 min) $0

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