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Return to Run

Begins April 2nd, 2024

60 minutes

Bump Langley


This program is designed to get you back to running, in a safe and effective way, keeping your pelvic health in mind.

Who is this program for?

•  Anyone who experiences pelvic pressure, heaviness or leakage with running

•  Anyone who experiences hip pain, low back pain or SI joint pain during or after running

•  Postpartum Moms who would like to safely transition back to running

•  Anyone who wants to learn more about how the core and pelvic floor are involved in running!


Investment: $200.00. + GST. You do not need to be a client of the clinic to participate.

In addition to the 6 weeks of in person instruction, you will also receive a home exercise program, lacrosse ball and exercise band.

**This class is designed to progress you over the 6 weeks and therefore is by registration only.**


Over the course of the 6 week program our registered kinesiologist will guide you through a progressive, 6 week plan that focuses on pelvic floor muscle foundations, common running injuries and how to prevent them, progressive strengthening exercises that target weaknesses in your running form, and build strength and endurance while helping you work towards your individual running goals.


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