postpartum must haves

According to our team of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists are often asked to share their must-have postpartum products for a smoother recovery and transition to parenthood. While bringing new life into the world is a miraculous and beautiful journey, it’s no secret that the postpartum period comes with its own, unique set of challenges.  From physical recovery to adjusting to round-the-clock care that newborns require, new parents deserve all the support and comfort they can get.

Thankfully, there’s a range of postpartum products designed specifically to make this transition smoother and more comfortable.  And we’ve done all the work of rounding up our top choices! In this post, we’ll explore a curated selection of postpartum products that are not only practical but also nurturing. They aim to help new parents navigate this precious time with greater ease and well-being.  Let’s dive in and discover our physiotherapists’ must-have postpartum products that can make all the difference in your post-birth comfort and care.

Postpartum Must-Have: Baby Wrap

Talk to any new parent and they’ll tell you: a good quality baby wrap is one of those postpartum products that are worth every penny!  Baby-wearing offers numerous benefits for both parents and babies. This makes it a go-to choice among parents who are looking for a practical, nurturing and convenient way to care for their little ones.

Wearing your baby in a carrier allows you to keep your baby exactly where they’re happiest in these formative months – close to you!  Baby-wearing supports infant comfort by keeping them close to you while also soothing gas and colic. Regular baby-wearing has also been shown to lower infant crying by up to 40% over the first year. The bonus? It checks all of those boxes while still allowing you to be hands-free in order to tackle daily tasks or activities.  Plus, there’s a sense of freedom and mobility a carrier provides that maneuvering a clunky stroller or carrying a heavy car seat just can’t touch.

woman wearing baby in infant wrap

Why do physios love baby-wearing?  When you wear your baby in a carrier or wrap, their weight is distributed evenly across your body. This ergonomic design is what makes it one of our physios’ must have postpartum products.

We’re loving: Beluga Baby Wrap

Postpartum Must-Have: Sitz Bath Herbs

It’s normal to come away from birth feeling a little sore and tender.  And it makes sense, right?  Our body just underwent major changes in order to bring our baby into the world.  But that doesn’t mean we need to passively wait for the soreness to subside.

Sitz bath herbs are an incredibly soothing and healing tool that ease perineal discomfort post-birth.  The specialty herbs promote relaxation, reduce inflammation and can aid in the healing of any tears or episiotomies.  You can use them in a sitz bath or as a gentle compress for relief. This is a postpartum product you don’t want to go without!

We’re loving: Bellies Inc Bath Tea

Postpartum Must-Have: Perineal Spray

A gold star postpartum product! The cooling properties of a good quality perineal spray feels oh-so-good against your most delicate and tender areas post delivery.  It’s gentle on sensitive areas and helps by alleviating discomfort, itching and irritation. This postpartum product can be a absolute life-saver during the initial weeks of recovery!

We’re loving: Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

Postpartum Must-Have: Ab Wrap

An abdominal wrap provides excellent support to recovering postpartum bodies.  They help support your core by providing additional stability post-delivery when our muscles need time to recover and are figuring things out again.  Bonus?  The gentle compression also provides a secure and comforting feel while helping control swelling and improving circulation. It can also be used prenatally to provide support to your lower abdominal wall to help relieve pubic symphysis pain, pelvic pain, pelvic girdle pain and low back discomfort.

We’re loving: The Ab Wrap System (designed by pelvic floor physiotherapists!)

ab wrap bellies inc
The Ab Wrap System

Postpartum Must-Have: Nipple Butter

Are you breastfeeding?  If so, you’re going to want to have a good quality nipple butter on hand.  The emollient properties of nipple butter provide soothing relief to sore or chafed nipples while also helping to alleviate discomfort associated with breastfeeding.  Regular application of nipple butter promotes healing of minor injuries or irritation on the nipples. This is one of those postpartum products that you want to make sure you take with to your birth!

Pro tip: since nipple butter may end up in your baby’s mouth, select a product that is safe for infant consumption by choosing a product that is free from harmful chemicals or additives.

Screenshot 2024 04 30 100740

If you’re experiencing discomfort associated with plugged ducts, an appointment with a physiotherapist trained in treating breast health conditions can alleviate the pain and discomfort often associated with clogged ducts or mastitis by combining therapeutic ultrasound, lymphatic drainage techniques, and education.

We’re loving: Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

Honourable Mentions

Our two honourable mentions are in a category all of their own because, while they aren’t postpartum products, they are certainly very helpful tools to have in your postpartum recovery toolbox.

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support to new parents during the postpartum period, typically in the first few weeks to months post-birth.  The focus of their role is to assist with newborn care and offer guidance on infant feeding (no matter which method). They also provide emotional support, assist with light household tasks and help with a smooth transition to parenthood.

If you are in the Lower Mainland, please feel free to contact us for our most-trusted, local postpartum doula recommendations.

Postpartum Counsellor

Welcoming a new baby to your family is a monumental life event, whether it’s your first or fourth child.  New parenthood can do a great job of stirring up a myriad of emotions and challenges.  A counsellor who focuses on working with parents can be an exceptional tool to help them navigate such complexities. This includes issues relating to postpartum mood disorders and relationship challenges post-birth.  Scheduling a visit with your postpartum mental health practitioner shortly post-birth can be an excellent, healing opportunity to process your birth. This is particularly true if you had to pivot from your desired birth preferences or if you had a traumatic birth experience.

Pro tip: virtual counselling sessions are the perfect solution for parents with newborns.  Meeting with your therapist virtually is convenient. It also allows you the opportunity to decompress and access mental health support without needing to change out of your pyjamas, load your baby into the car or needing to arrange childcare.

You can find our trusted registered clinical counsellor here.

A More Comfortable Postpartum Recovery

The postpartum period is, undeniably, a time of immense change, both physically and emotionally.  However, with the right products and support, it can also be a time of comfort, healing and joy.  The postpartum products shared in this post are not just about convenience. They’re also about supporting and empowering new parents as they embark on this transformative journey.

From baby wraps that promote bonding and mobility, to soothing sitz baths, and nourishing nipple butter, these postpartum products are designed to address the unique needs of your recovery.  They offer a sense of comfort, relief and reassurance during a time of adjustment and transition. These are the gifts new parents really need to be showered with!

Stay tuned for more practical tips and insights, from a physio-lens, on navigating parenthood with ease and comfort. If you’ve already given birth, what were your product must-haves for a comfortable and smooth postpartum?