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A note from our Physiotherapist, Janelle Deacon on Mastitis and Breast Health Treatment!

Are you experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding? Bump Physio is here to help! Therapeutic ultrasound can be a very helpful treatment for clogged ducts and mastitis.

What are clogged ducts?

Clogged milk ducts occur when your breast gets blocked or has poor drainage. This can lead to an infection called Mastitis.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is an inflammation and associated infection of the breast tissue, typically caused by a plugged milk duct. Research has shown therapeutic ultrasound treatments can be effective in treating mastitis. Some of our registered physiotherapists are able to use therapeutic ultrasound to treat the clogged ducts and may prevent it from recurring.

How do we treat it with Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Therapeutic ultrasound for blocked ducts is a non-invasive treatment applied directly to the breast(s). Sound waves created by the machine help to reduce obstruction that surround the ducts which carry the milk, allowing for pressure relief, pain/swelling reduction, and promotes milk flow.

*Please bring babe to your visit with you to nurse immediately after the ultrasound treatment.

Home, After Session Care:

  • Heat application before

  • Heat and massage during breastfeeding and pumping

  • Ice afterwards

Preventative Measures:

  • Potato Method

Other Potential Cause:

  • Restrictive bras/ shirts, crossbody diaper bags, baby wearing devices etc.


  • Must be cleared by physician/ Midwife that there is no potential for mastitis. US can potentially flare up underlying untreated mastitis.

  • If a client has been diagnosed with Mastitis: they need to be on antibiotics for 24 hrs before receiving US treatment.

  • If a client continues to have frequent blocked ducts, I make sure they have a referral to a lactation consultant if they aren’t already followed by one.

  • This post provides general information and is in no way is a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

- Janelle Deacon

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