Pelvic Floor 

Pelvic Floor appointment:

Many clients are often nervous about coming to their first pelvic floor physio appointment, and we would just like to say, ‘That’s OK!”. This page is designed to answer a few common questions and hopefully make each client a little more prepared to meet us!​​

Pelvic FAQ: 

Q: What is a pelvic floor physiotherapy assessment? ​

A: A pelvic floor physiotherapy assessment can involve both an internal and external examination of the muscles and structure of the pelvis. Your therapist may perform both a vaginal and rectal exam to assess muscle strength, tone, tension and overall functioning of the pelvic floor. 

Q: What happens during an initial physiotherapy assessment?​

A: At your initial assessment we will sit down and gather a detailed and in-depth medical history and information around the reason for your visit today. In order to help us find the best approach for you, we may ask you questions about your past medical history, home environment, surgical history, current medications, obstetric history, pelvic health, and treatment goals etc. The more information you are able and willing to share with your physiotherapist, the more informed assessment and accurate physiotherapy diagnosis can be made.  We understand that clients may or may not be as comfortable as us in discussing issues relating to pelvic health, however we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable, informed and feel heard during your visit. Next, we will do a detailed physical assessment, which may include an internal pelvic exam (vaginal and/or rectal) and we will use any relevant outcome measures to ensure a proper diagnosis. With this information, we will discuss your goals for treatment and design an individualized treatment that works for you and to help you achieve your goals.

From your appointments you can expect to experience and learn: 

  • hands-on manual therapy treatment

  • Activity modifications and pain management strategies

  • Corrective exercises for your diagnosis

  • Proper biomechanics, postural control, gait strategies

  • How to safely and correctly exercise

  • Client education (lots of it!) ​

Q: Can I have another person present during my appointment? ​

A: Yes, absolutely. Your comfort is our first priority and if you would like to bring someone to help ask questions, act as a support or to just be there with you, this is 100% OK with us. 


Q: Is there a time limit to start pelvic floor physio? ​

A: Everyone has a pelvic floor and therefore everyone could benefit from pelvic floor physio. These muscles are so under-rated and are such workhorses! They deserve some care and attention too! Regardless of whether or not you had your children 10 or 20 years ago, are thinking about getting pregnant or have never had children, it is never too late to get assessed. 


Q: What are some of the common conditions that may require pelvic floor physio? ​

A: Commonly treated conditions include: incontinence, bowel and bladder problems, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy, postpartum health, painful intercourse, diastasis recti, persistent low back pain, SI joint pain and dysfunction, core function, pelvic girdle pain, coccyxdynia, mastitis, gynecological cancer rehabilitation, C section delivery and rehabilitation, scar tissue release. 

Q: When is the best time to book my first pelvic floor appointment? ​

A: Anytime! (Except during the first trimester as a safety precaution). We love assessing and treating clients before and during pregnancy to provide lots of pelvic health education and birth coaching to prepare for delivery. Taking a pro-active approach often results in a better outcome rather than waiting until after you deliver. For booking your first postpartum check, please ensure you are discharged by your Midwife/OB/ GP prior to the time of your scheduled appointment with your physiotherapist.

We hope to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible, so please feel free to ask 1001 questions or bring a friend or family member to your appointment to make this a positive experience for you!