Krista Dennett

Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist

Meet Krista, our Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist 👋🏼

Krista is a fitness coach specializing in pelvic floor health in movement and exercise.  Her own experience with common pelvic floor-related symptoms is what lead her to specialize in this area over 5 years ago.  Having three children of her own, she has dealt with diastasis, umbilical hernia, back and hip pain, prolapse, and incontinence.  Through a combination of pelvic floor physiotherapy and retraining her body through the core and pelvic floor-focused strength and conditioning, she was able to quickly heal from a hernia repair surgery and create a functionally strong body to reduce and eliminate her symptoms.


Krista is a Master Trainer for Bellies Inc. a Canadian organization where one of several missions is to train fitness professionals and teach them strategies for working with postpartum women. She has taken additional pelvic floor-focused courses including The Female Athlete, a program hosted by an Australian physiotherapist, designed to look at strategies to help women expand their symptom-free zone and eliminate the fear of movement.


Krista has expanded her exercise knowledge and training among a range of fitness disciplines, from general group fitness to weight training and CrossFit.   She is a certified BCRPA Weight Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  Through over 9 years in the fitness industry, and 5 years of experience working as a pelvic floor fitness expert, Krista uses a variety of exercise theories to help women from beginner to advanced fitness levels safely reintegrate back into exercise.  Building strong, functional bodies has been a proven tool to help women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction.