Kaylee Weisgerber 
Client Experience Coordinator

Meet Kaylee, Client Experience Coordinator 👋🏼

Kaylee is currently enrolled in her first year of university working towards her Bachelor of Arts degree. Kaylee has always enjoyed being around children and is working towards becoming a kindergarten teacher as she’s always had a passion for helping children learn and thrive. 

A few years ago, Kaylee was involved in an accident, and through her recovery, realized how important physiotherapy and women’s healthcare is. Having a caring, enthusiastic team dedicated to supporting her recovery inspired her to be in a similar environment as she works her way through school. She understands a client’s perspective, and that their care starts from the minute they Kaylee out to begin their treatment.


She is excited to provide an empathetic, welcoming atmosphere for Bump’s clients and is excited to learn more about pelvic health and help educate others as she gains more knowledge along the way! 

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