Hypopressive Training

Folding Yoga Mat

The Hypopressives® Training technique incorporates a full-body restorative approach to retraining your core and pelvic floor.  This is a postural and respiratory approach that can safely and effectively reprogram the inner core system (pelvic floor, diaphragm, transverse abdominals, and multifidi muscles) to address and manage symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and to promote long term pelvic health. 

The term HYPOpressive® refers to a breathing technique that uses a pattern of rest breaths and false breaths to stimulate recovery in the core and pelvic floor. Hypopressives® Training involves learning to connect with diaphragmatic breathing, in a series of functional positions and poses.  The act of decreasing intra-abdominal pressure is done through a false (apnea) breath technique. 


Hypopressives can help to: 

  • Eliminate pressure on the pelvic floor

  • Improve tone and function of the pelvic floor muscles and inner core to eliminate common pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms such as incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, and hypertonicity 

  • Decrease the severity of a prolapse

  • Improve abdominal tone and increase connective tissue strength

  • Release tension in hypertonic pelvic floor muscles

  • Pelvic floor and core muscle activation 

  • Increase vascular flow

Hypopressives allow our core and pelvic floor muscles to recover and promote their expected functions: to anticipate movement, maintain stability and continence, to support our pelvic organs, control our sexual function and pleasure while under subconscious control and in coordination with the breath. 

What does Hypopressive training look like at Bump Physio?

We recommend clients attend a one-hour initial assessment followed by a minimum of 4 weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions. 5 sessions are required in order to receive proper instruction on the technique, poses, and movements. . If you are finding the technique challenge, connecting the mind and body with the movements, additional sessions might be recommended.


Package price: $425 (this includes one 1 hour initial assessment and 4, 25-minute follow-ups) 

Additional sessions: $75 (25 minutes)

Curious to learn more? Please watch this short video from Trista Zinn at Hypopressives Canada.