Mikaela is our newest client experience coordinator at Bump Physio & Co. She is thrilled to be a part of our family to endorse our core values and provide support for every member of the clinic. 


Mikaela brings years of hospitality and client services experience to our team as well as a warm, friendly, and empathetic approach to the work at hand.  As a woman living with invisible disabilities, Mikaela has been in and out of multi-disciplinary clinics her whole life and fully understands how difficult and isolating the process can be. She wants to hear your stories, be a shoulder to lean on in tough times, and build strong connections.


In her free time, Mikaela enjoys being outside as much as she can.  As a mother of two dogs, long trail walks, hiking, and road trips are the best ways to spend a sunny day.  She is also an avid lover of entertainment, be it film, television, or books, and is always looking for new recommendations to dive into and discuss.

Mikaela Kane

Client Experience Coordinator