Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates is a tool in our clinical toolbox that focuses on breathing, posture, core strengthening, balance, and flexibility. It takes a more personalized and focused approach to treatment. Our registered physical therapists use the principles of Stott Pilates to help treat common conditions including persistent low back pain, hip pain, SI Joint pain, pelvic floor, and other musculoskeletal conditions. 


For all you mamas, it is an excellent adjunct treatment to the pelvic floor, prenatal and postpartum rehabilitation to help improve posture, strengthen your core, and increase hip stability. 


Our therapists will work with you initially one-on-one to create a tailored program to achieve your therapeutic goals, and then you will be eligible for our open reformer sessions where you have access to the reformer to complete your program on your own time. 


Clinical Pilates is eligible for coverage under most extended health care plans. Please contact your provider for more details.