Ashley Nagle
Registered Physiotherapist 

Meet Ashley, Registered Physiotherapist 




I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy. Previous to that, I was in Victoria completing my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. 


My interest in sports started when I was young and carried on into my adult life. I was introduced to physiotherapy while dealing with injuries myself and quickly realized the major impact that pain has on us - in both a physical and emotional capacity. I recognized the value in a career that can help people work through these challenges, which is how my journey to become a physiotherapist began! 


I have been fortunate to work with a wide variety of patients over the years, including working with professional sports teams, and have taken several continuing education courses in manual therapy and dry needling. My interest in pelvic floor physiotherapy started after taking courses and realizing how impactful this type of treatment can be for so many women. I love that pelvic floor physiotherapy provides a safe space for women to address their concerns and can often greatly improve their quality of life. I have found that incorporating pelvic floor treatment into my practice has enhanced my general physiotherapy skills and treat people even more holistically!


I am extremely enthusiastic about sharing my passion for health and wellness with all my patients and love to help people reach their health goals. In my free time you can find me exploring trails with my dog or trying a new brewery around town. 


I’m so happy to be part of this fantastic team! 

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