Alison Martin, Registered Physiotherapist

BComm, MPT

Other designations: PH Level 1


I completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2000 from the University of Saskatchewan and went on to work in business. I have a love of the outdoors and through my favourite activities of running, paddling and hiking I sustained some injuries for which I sought out the expertise of local physical therapists. I fell in love with the profession, and decided to take a chance! In 2011, I completed my Masters of Physiotherapy degree at the University of British Columbia. My passion for women’s health started during my first pregnancy. My labours were very fast (precipitous) and I ended up having an episiotomy with my first child. My postpartum journey has included a number of pelvic floor dysfunctions including pelvic pain and scarring, prolapse, and urinary Incontinence. To help with my recovery, I saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist who helped me resolve my concerns.  I continue to work on my core and lifestyle modifications that help me live my life to the fullest! 


As a physiotherapist, I have worked in both private orthopedic practice as well as in acute care and rehabilitation units at Fraser Health. I am a committed life-long learner. I’ve taken a number of post graduate courses including: soft tissue release, Ortho level 1, Vestibular Rehabilitation,and a concussion management workshop. My pelvic health training includes, Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment Level 1, and Caring for the pregnant patient, both by Herman & Wallace, and Diastasis Rectus Abdominis by Dayan Werner Pelvic Rehab. I plan on taking my pelvic health level 2 in the near future.


In my spare time you will usually find me out and about with my two, energetic boys. Yoga is a daily part of my life, and I also enjoy hiking, and running with my boys.  


I am so happy to have joined Bump Physio & Co and I look forward to helping other women achieve their pelvic health goals!

Alison Martin

Registered Physiotherapist