Acupuncture and Functional Dry Needling (IMS)


Acupuncture and Functional Dry Needling (IMS):


Acupuncture and Functional Dry Needling are two invaluable tools in our clinical toolbox that offer an alternative and adjunct treatment to our manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. ​​


Acupuncture involves inserting a sterile, fine needle into carefully identified points on your body to stimulate the flow of energy, release tension, improve circulation, improve body awareness and decrease pain. 


Physiotherapists are trained in medical Acupuncture, as opposed to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach. We use identified acupuncture points to treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries. 


In the postpartum period, we can incorporate acupuncture into your treatment plans to help with neck pain from breastfeeding, core muscle activation, hip pain, SI joint pain, and postural low back pain.

Functional Dry Needling:​​

Functional Dry Needling, more commonly known as IMS (intra-muscular stimulation), is a needling technique used to treat myofascial pain. A sterile, thin acupuncture needle is inserted into a muscle trigger point to help alleviate muscle pain and tension. Research supports the use of dry needling to decrease pain, stiffness, improve range of motion, and overall sense of wellbeing. 

During the postpartum period, we can use both acupuncture and dry needling to speed up your recovery!



Q: Is it safe to perform acupuncture and/or FDN/IMS on pregnant women? 

A: It is currently outside the scope of practice for physiotherapists to perform Acupuncture or Dry Needling during pregnancy. Please inform your therapist if there may a chance that you are pregnant prior to starting treatment.


Q: Is Acupuncture or IMS/FDN covered by my extended health plans? Will I have to pay extra for these services?

A: At this time, acupuncture and FDN/IMS are covered by extended health as part of your physiotherapy treatment plan. Our treatment fees are inclusive, therefore there is no additional charge for needling during your appointment.